Wednesday, December 11, 2013


  Everyone needs a pick me up after a long day at school - and there is no better way than being a part of the PMCoffee Book Club.  I love spending time with a good book and coffee!!  This fun group has already shown how much they enjoy a good book and are enthusiastic about trying to convince others to read the book they just finished (or are in the middle of).  We have had some great discussions and look forward to creating some "teasers" about our books and sharing them with others via our blog.
   Take a moment and say Hi to our Castle Rock     PMCoffee    Book Club.


  1. Tigers Quest
    This is the best adventure and romance book ever! You should read this book because it will leave you wanting far more. It has moments when you are filled with emotions and riding a roller coaster. The ride is filled with adventure and conflict. Beware the ending because it will catch you by surprise.

  2. Slayers
    This book is about dragons, evil and ancestors. I was unable to put it down for more than 10 seconds. There is also a sequel that is even better than the first.

  3. Divergent
    You have to read the Divergent series because it's exactly like heaven in a book. It's an all-nighter type of book. It completely changes your point of view. "One choice can transform you, can destroy you, and will define you."

  4. Graveyard
    We recommend the Graveyard Book because it is interesting and suspenseful with each adventure Bod Nobody Owen had. Nobody Owens was raised by two ghosts, Mr. and Mrs. Owens and his family was murdered by a man named Jack. Jack is not done with his job and is on the look out for Nobody. You have to read what happens next!

  5. Ripper
    You should read Ripper! Ripper is about a foster boy who goes on a search for his long-lost father. Carver is worried that his father is Jack the Ripper. Read to find out who Carver's dad is.

  6. Read the books it is just so good! you will laugh you will cry you will be angry you will just die!;/

  7. Pick a book. Read a book. Love a book.