Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Year - New Books

With a break from school and homework I want to know if any of you took the opportunity to read something new. Did you discover a new series? Did you read an old favorite? What are the new exciting books out there? What books should I read? Did you read something you think should be added to the library? Here is your opportunity to share..........let everyone know what their next book should be!

Read It Again, and Again, and Again

Everyone has their favorite book. Some of them may be something you have read recently, and some may be a favorite from years past. Have you ever thought about WHY that particular book is your favorite book? What is so special about the book? Share your favorite book with us and tell us what makes it so special.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Infinity Ring

The Readers of the Lost Library read the book "The Infinity Ring - A Mutiny in Time" by James Dashner. They had mixed opinions about the book. The book is about time travel. The book starts out in the future and along the way they go deeper in the past. The characters have to travel into the past to fix something that will affect the future. Their task is to save the future and it could cost them their life. Read it to see if they succeed.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wild Life

"WILD LIFE" by DeFelice       

    After reading the book "Wild Life" by DeFelice the Breakfast Club readers had a great discussion about what they liked and didn't like about the book.  Some of them were surprised that they really liked the book because it didn't look like the type of book they would enjoy.
     In our discussion we decided that a boy that runs away from home, steals a dog, and sets off as winter is approaching in North Dakota could end up in quite a bit of trouble.  It soon became apparent that many of the readers did not like the ending...........what about you?  Read the book and take our survey on what you think of the ending.  

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     After a long day of classes and learning what could be better than relaxing with a good book and a fun group of readers?  Monday after school you will find an awesome group of students coming together to participate in the Readers of the Lost Library book club. So put on your hat, grab your whip and satchel and get ready to explore and discover new and exciting books and genre's with Readers of the Lost Library.


       What a great way to start your week!!  At 7:30 Monday morning you will see this great bunch of students making their way to the Castle Rock Library to participate in the Castle Rock Breakfast Club (aka book club). So bring your coffee or juice, your book, and get ready for some fun discussions, creative activities and thoughts, and start your week off with a book!