Tuesday, November 27, 2012

READY, SET, ....... GO!

     Castle Rock Book Clubs are ready to get reading and blogging.  We have two groups, one meets in the morning, and one meets after school.  All of us are excited about all of the great books we will read and the fun activities we will be doing to help get others excited about reading too.  The students are also pretty happy about being able to borrow a Nook to read these books and they were the first students in the building to have the chance to check one out.  
     So the clubs have been formed, the students are ready, and now we have the big question..........
"Which book should we read first?"
         Stay tuned, and follow us as we explore the different genre's and discover new and interesting books.  Watch for us under the Castle Rock tab and also under the different genre's.  Happy Reading!!