Thursday, September 20, 2012

Four middle schools can create

Each of the four middle schools in Billings Public Schools will run book clubs compatible with their school schedule and resources.  The new and improved BoB will now be an acronym for Books on Blog.  Students can read preselected titles on nooks and books to fit one of the four loosely defined genres. YOU may also choose another title in that genre which can be found in the Billings Public Middle School Libraries.  (After all, we are promoting our own book collections!) 

When you finish reading there will be an opportunity to discuss the book with other fans of the genre face to face at creating a teaser for it on this blog.  You could make an online game, write a book review, make a short video, perform and record a skit.  Check with your librarian for ideas and technology tools you can use.
Coming soon to a Middle School near you - the NEW AND IMPROVED...BOB. Watch for information coming from your friendly Middle School Librarian.